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Boxes for recycling for reusable cups

by Packaging-Design.net
Boxes for recycling for reusable cups

Boxes for recycling are boxes that are environmentally friendly. Such solutions allow to build a positive brand image. Especially if you pack reusable items!

Boxes for e-commerce

Boxes for recycling play a very important role in e-commerce, both in the context of delivery and purchasing logistics and in the advertising context. Made of ecological cardboard boxes are lightweight and durable, so you can deliver goods to your customers. They also have a high aesthetic value and can be personalized. This aspect in turn is very important for advertising. An example of a company that consistently uses ecological boxes to strengthen its image on the market is POLU Eco Products. Let’s take a look at the packaging used by the manufacturer of ecological reusable cups!

Boxes for recycling by the Polu Eco Products brand

Polu Eco Products is a brand that produces reusable bamboo cups. The company’s primary mission is to reduce the amount of plastic produced around the world and to encourage other companies to consciously produce as little waste as possible.

Polu Eco Products packages its products, i.e. ecological coffee cups, in special packaging designed for this purpose. The cardboard boxes are white and orange in colour and come 100% from recycled materials, as well as the bamboo cups that are packed in them.

The printing on the boxes of Pola Eco Products was made with special water inks and their design is minimalist. The boxes are perfectly matched to the cups, so that the product fits perfectly into them. This brand shows everyone that it is aware of its mission and its products are aimed at ensuring a better future for our planet.

We value this approach to products and packaging! What about you? If you are interested in producing eco-friendly branded packaging, check out the entry about Carlsberg’s new idea for bottles: https://packaging-design.net/eco-friendly-boxes-meet-the-new-carlsberg-bottle.

We also warmly encourage you to implement ecological and biodegradable cardboard packaging in your company. More information on this subject can be found on our blog.

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