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Boxes for recycling by Purye Clothing

by Packaging-Design.net
Boxes for recycling by Purye Clothing

Boxes for recycling lead the way in the clothing industry. Why is that? Find out which product boxes the Finnish Purye Clothing brand has offered its customers!

Eco-boxes – why should you implement them in your company?

Boxes for recycling are boxes that are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly. This type of packaging, because it is biodegradable, does not contribute to the production of waste or excessive emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. What’s more, they can be used repeatedly to produce new boxes. Their application in the company allows for savings, as well as helps to build a positive brand image.

More than half of consumers openly admit that they are trying to use less plastic packaging and replace plastic with paper or cardboard packaging. The more aware ones also pay attention to how the original products they buy regularly are packaged. For this reason, it is worth implementing boxes for recycling in your company!

Boxes for recycling by Purye Clothing

If you care about ecological packaging for your brand, it is worth to contact a professional manufacturer of business packaging. Such companies include Packhelp, for example. It is a well-known manufacturer of cardboard boxes that are safe for the environment in many European countries. For example, the Purye Clothing brand used such packaging.

Purye Clothing is a sportswear brand from Finland. Its founders are known for their passion for sailing. Purye Clothing packs its products – sports bags, sailing clothing and travel bags – in unique recycled cardboard boxes. The print is minimalist – the packaging bears only the company’s logo.

Why did it fall on cardboard boxes? These packages have a very convenient opening and closing mechanism and their size can be customized to suit the product they contain. The character of the eco boxes is very consistent with the visual identity as well as the vision of the company and the brand of many fans around the world. That’s how you get into the minds of consumers and stay in their memories for longer!

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