Boxes for recycling – BELLA VIDA packaging!

BELLA VIDA is a luxury brand from Santa Barbara, California. A manufacturer of cosmetics for skin care came up with an interesting idea, which certainly won it many new customers. Read about the idea of boxes for recycling!

Boxes for recycling – what is it?

Boxes for recycling can be defined as many different types of packaging that are made of biodegradable materials. This is most often referred to as carton packaging, which is 100% environmentally friendly. As it turns out, boxes for recycling can also take on a different form and be more than just boxes.

Check out what BELLA VIDA has prepared for its customers!

The Bella Vida brand is a manufacturer of luxury skincare products. For Bella Vida it is important not only to have a “beautiful life”, but also to have sustainable development and to live in harmony with nature and respect for the environment. The company’s goal is to eliminate plastics and minimize waste production to zero. It’s a brand that doesn’t tolerate waste.

The black product boxes of Bella Vida, apart from reflecting the premium character of the brand, also refer to natural ingredients from which Bella Vida cosmetics are made. What else distinguishes them? Bella Vida has introduced the innovative Zero-Waste Refill Program, the packaging refill program.

The Zero-Waste Refill Program has very simple assumptions. Customers who send empty cosmetics packages to Bella Vida can refill them, paying up to 50% less than the original price. This idea, not only is noble, but also has a significant impact on the perception of the brand on the market. Thus, Bella Vida ceased to be a mere manufacturer of natural cosmetics and became a trustworthy company that cares about the natural environment.

Inspire yourself with the Zero-Waste ideology. Perhaps this trend will appear more and more often in the cosmetics industry? Let’s hope so, this is a significant step forward in the development of this industry.