Boxes for gifts – Give your customers luxury

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Luxury boxes for gifts are packaging that not only have a practical character and protect the product, but can also be remembered by customers thanks to its decorative design and convince them of the brand. Do you know how to design them?

How do I design luxury boxes for gifts?

Luxurious boxes for gifts are multifunctional boxes, which, apart from their practical qualities, also have great aesthetic values and can serve as a business card for the brand. They can be made of any material, but currently the most popular is cardboard and paper.

The appearance of such a packaging can tell the customer about the product and the company more than the best advertising slogan. If it is original, it will not only inspire confidence in customers who are already using our services or products, but will also encourage new customers to take advantage of our offer. Let’s see what boxes for gifts appear on world-famous brands and get inspired by them!

#1 Luxury DIOR boxes


DIOR is the champion in the category of minimalist boxes for gifts. Women from all over the world have fallen in love with these boxes (and products)! The brand is known for producing a whole series of beautiful packages, customized to the size of the products. These boxes are always carefully finished and refined, and the colours are selected to emphasize the premium character of DIOR products.

#2 Wine packaging from Packhelp

Wine packaging from Packhelp

An interesting offer for business was presented to us last year by a Polish company Packhelp. Wine packaging that has appeared in the offer of a packaging manufacturer already known in several countries is not only suitable for use as a retail box, but also as an elegant packaging for a business gift. These boxes are made of ecological cardboard, and their great advantage is that they can be practically customized according to the needs of the company!

So how do you create an original luxury and decorative gift packaging? The most important thing is the right colouring – consistent with the character of the product. Another aspect is the tasteful finish of the box. Premium character can be given by UV enriching, Hot Stamping or simply closing the package with an elegant ribbon. The last important rule is to display the logotype of the brand. It should appear in the most visible place, preferably on top of the box.