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Boxes for e-commerce – why should you bet on black colour?

by Packaging-Design.net
Boxes for e-commerce - why should you bet on black colour?

Cardboard boxes for e-commerce are suitable for all industries. Whether you produce cosmetics, jewellery or clothing, it’s worthwhile to get interested in product packaging and plan your advertising strategy for your company. Today we check why it is worth betting on black!

Black boxes for e-commerce that stand out in the market

#1 Charlotte Mensah

charlotte mensah


Black is an exclusive colour – we associate it with classics, simplicity and generally accepted canons. This colour also emphasizes the elegance and luxury of the products. The award-winning hair stylist Charlotte Mensah is well aware of this. Charlotte Mensah’s renowned hair care products are packed in black boxes with a glossy logo of geometric figures. Such packaging not only emphasizes the natural character of cosmetics, but also harmonizes well with their prestige.

#2 Heather Woof Jewellery

heather woof


Black is the colour we wear during special celebrations. Black in marketing also creates seriousness. An excellent example is Heather Woof, whose earrings are packed in elegant two-piece black boxes with grey cushion. Black boxes adorn the golden logo of the company, which further emphasizes their exclusivity!

 #3 Black-and-white boxes for e-commerce

ambuja skincare


Black and white broken? We’re at a yes! Ambuja Skincare packaging makes the most of these two contrasting colours. Ambuja boxes for e-commerce are very aesthetic – minimalistic glossy print emphasizes the unique character of the product.



Another company that also decided to use black and white boxes is Orionte. According to the producers of the exceptional wine, “Whenever you open an Orionte bottle something new begins”. Looking at this box, we definitely agree with it, it must have something wonderful inside!

#4 Black with blue, white with black



Black elegant boxes (and white boxes as well) are used by the manufacturer of air fresheners – Aera. The blue accent that we see on the box is also repeated on the scent bottle that you put into the air freshener. Aera boxes look like they contain some jewellery or other luxury goods! The two-part structure perfectly exposes the product.

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