Boxes for e-commerce – ideas for the zoology industry

Unique boxes for e-commerce are a great way to distinguish a product on a shelf or in an online store. Thanks to the original boxes the brand is remembered by the customers and they can also get acquainted with the product and the company philosophy. Today we present a few boxed ideas for the zoology industry!

Boxes for e-commerce – ideas for the zoology industry

#1 Lovely boxes with cut-outs

The zoology industry is dominated by packaging with charming and touching, sometimes even childish prints. BARK boxes for e-commerce are a good example. Paper delicacies bags for dogs are equipped with a sweet print and an ingenious cut-out through which you can see the delicacies.

boxes for e commerce bark

#2 Boxes with zipper closure

Sweets should not be included in True Chew packaging either. They use an ingenious solution – a plastic zipper, thanks to which the delicacies will always be fresh and fragrant.

boxes for e commerce true chew

#3 Boxes for e-commerce – not just cardboard!

The zoology industry is dominated not only by cardboard boxes, but also by plastic bags. Canimax packs its products in white zipped plastic bags. These products stand out on the shelf thanks to the use of bright metallic printing on the surface of the packaging.

boxes for e commerce canimax

#4 Printed paper bags

As far as we are concerned, Purina is the absolute champion in the category of packaging for animal products. Brown handbags are eye-catching, affectionate, smiling and inviting to buy. You can immediately see that the project was created by enthusiasts and lovers of four-legged pets!

boxes for e commerce true purina

#5 A box with a handle

When producing packaging for the zoology industry, you should also think about its practicality. It is enough to equip the box with a hand grip to increase its functionality. Owners of four-legged animals will surely appreciate such a procedure!

boxes for e-commerce dog treats

Another way to delight dog and cat owners and encourage them to buy a product dedicated to their pets is to equip the box with a dispenser or design it so that it opens up in an interesting way. Below is a perfect example of what we are talking about! A dog-shaped box with an outward opening face? We’re at a yes! What about you? What do you think?

boxes for e-commerce dog food packaging design