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Best packaging ideas for the brewing industry

by Packaging-Design.net
Best packaging ideas for the brewing industry

In marketing, it’s all about the idea. This applies to all sectors, including the catering industry. In today’s entry we present the most interesting packaging ideas in the brewing industry!

The most interesting packaging ideas – the brewing industry – we can bet that you will be happy to reach for them!

#1 Mug Pub

Mug pub boxes


Decorative and shipping packaging for wine, tinctures and beer can make you delighted. This is no different for Mug Pub. Their packaging is unusual, because, not only are they very durable, but they also evoke unusual associations and are very aesthetic. Mail-order hexagonal boxes made of ecological cardboard in natural Kraft colour. Their top is decorated with black minimalistic prints, and since it is a take-away beverage container, the box has been additionally equipped with a practical handle. Isn’t that an interesting packaging idea?

#2 Thirsty Turtle

Thirsty turtle boxes


The idea of packaging may impress not only with its originality, but also with its colours. Thirsty Turtle packaging does not have handles, but it is very aesthetic. In a black box with blue and white prints there were 4 bottles of the beverage produced by Thirsty Turtle.

#3 Dead Rabbits And Carrots

Dead rabbits boxes


For Dead Rabbits and Carrots it was not enough that the product name was original. The manufacturer also decided to use original packaging for his products. Designer carrot beer was packaged in bottles wrapped in a symbolic jute. A dead rabbit with X-shaped eyes and a jute shroud give this project a grotesque and slightly dark effect. Associations with Tim Burton’s films are very accurate!

#4 Patswerk

Patswerk craft beer


The most important thing about beer is its taste, but interesting packaging may additionally influence the attractiveness of the beverage. Especially when it’s as pleasing to the eye as Patswerk’s boxes! Kraft beer, creative label and box in optimistic colours are definitely a good idea for a gift for customers. The interior of the Patswerk boxes, not only has been divided into compartments, but it is also filled with ecological terraces. An additional advantage is a glass with the company’s logo, which could be purchased by customers on the occasion of their 7th birthday, of course, together with a drink.

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