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Beautiful printed boxes for chocolate

by Alicja Hudzik
Beautiful printed boxes for chocolate

Did you know that with the help of printed boxes you can distinguish chocolate products on the market? In today’s entry we have collected examples of beautiful packaging from the world of chocolate. Make yourself some hot cocoa and check it out!

Beautiful luxury printed boxes for chocolate

#1 Beau Cacao

Beau Cacao


Beau Cacao is an excellent example of how luxury printed chocolate boxes can be designed. The brand packs its products in unique boxes. The chocolate itself is also cast in such a way that at first glance you can see that it is a luxury delicacy. The very sight of the saliva is leaking!

#2 Smoor



Smoor also packs its products in masterful luxury packaging. Golden font, elegant colours, beautiful illustrations and a sliding bottom emphasize the prestige and high quality of Smoor products. Such chocolates are a great idea for a special gift.

#3 J. Kumari

J. Kumari


The luxurious French brand J. Kumari also presents wonderful packaging to its customers. Pressing on the boxes and carefully selected colours, make J. Kumari’s packaging for sweets are as desirable as chocolate treats.

#4 King of Ghana

King of Ghana


The beautiful packaging is also used by the chocolate brand King of Ghana. Bright colours and small black prints give the box a unique Premium character. It’s high-end chocolate!

Beautiful colourful printed boxes for chocolate

#1 Chez Christophe Chocolate and Pastries

Chez Christophe Chocolate and Pastries


The Chez Christophe brand went a bit different in terms of printed boxes. Here we have more colours and geometric patterns, and all with taste!

#2 Cakawi



A Mexican chocolate start-up, Cakawi, also stands out on the market. Cakawi chocolate packaging is ecological and its abstract design is eye-catching. At the very sight of the packaging, as well as after consuming chocolate, the mood improves!

#3 Chocolat Noir

Chocolat Noir


The Chocolat Noir brand also went into vivid colours, although… not exactly. The packaging for Chocolate Noir is black, but the black is contrasted with the colourful images of the ingredients used to make it. The colour print combined with the white font looks very fresh, tasty and modern!

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