Beautiful mailer boxes for roasted coffee

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A family coffee roaster is a dream of many people who live for the caffeine drink. In this industry, mailer boxes are very useful for sending goods to customers. What are the solutions used by the famous roasters? Let’s see!

Ecological mailer boxes – why is it worth investing in them?

Personalized mailer boxes can be used both for an advertising campaign when launching new products on the market and to refresh the image of a brand that has already existed for some time in the consciousness of customers. If they are ecological in nature, it is easier to build a positive image with their help, because such packaging does not contribute to the degradation of the natural environment. The trend towards eco-friendly packaging is very much reflected in the food and beverage industry – for example, coffee roasters use eco-friendly boxes!

Boxes by Dak Coffee Roasters

Mailer boxes by Dak Coffee Roasters

Dak Coffee Roasters is a company that produces carefully selected coffee from all over the world. The mission of the brand is responsible production, in accordance with ethics and without harming the environment. In line with these beliefs, packaging for Dak Coffee Roasters products is also produced. The coffee is packed in very aesthetic boxes made of bleached cardboard, with minimalistic graphic motifs.

The choice of these packages was dictated by the fact that they can be reused and upcycled. The inscription on the packaging “Brew me” not only draws attention but also excites the customer, who for the first time takes Dak Coffee Roasters’ products out of the packaging. It’s called a master play!

Mailer boxes by Coffee Republic

Mailer boxes by Coffee Republic

Like Dak Coffee Roasters, Coffee Republic also packs its products in minimalist and ecological boxes. Here, however, we are dealing with cardboard in the natural colour brown – an interesting reference to the colour of jute bags, which are used to transport coffee beans. The top of the box is decorated with creative prints and advertising slogans.

Fans of the caffeine drink will certainly appreciate the fact that the boxes of Coffee Republic are decorated with images of tiny coffee houses. The inscription “Welcome to the world of Coffee Republic” additionally encourages you to use high quality smoking products.

What do you think of these boxes?